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Trust Deed Investors

Dear Fellow Investor,

If you've been involved in investing for any period of time, you've probably been promised safe consistent returns on your money from just about every investment vehicle under the sun.

And while some of those investments can actually deliver a positive ROI, the one promise they all fail to deliver on is consistency. Whether it's the stock market, bonds, gold, you name it, they all have their ups and downs.

So, when I tell you our First Trust Deeds provide a consistent 8+% return on your money, the "true good to be true" alarm should start to sound immediately. Your portfolio wouldn't last long if you took a promise like that at face value.

But if you'll give me just a few minutes of your attention, I'll explain precisely how we can make such a promise, and more importantly, deliver on it.

We Know What Properties are Worth

The number one rule of investing is buy low and sell high. Of course, if you don't have any idea what your investment is worth, you might as well be playing high-stakes pin the tale on the donkey.

Our advanced system for evaluating precisely how much a property is worth allows us to lend money on distressed real estate with confidence. In fact, over the course of hundreds of deals funded over the last three years, our team's evaluations have been 99.85% accurate. As truly remarkable as that is, we're more than happy to show you the data that proves it.

Your Capital is Protected

Not only are we incredibly adept at determining the value of a property, we also have incredibly strict standards for the types of deals we'll fund.

That's why each and every first trust deed Sound Equity sells has a maximum loan to value ratio (LTV) of 65%, providing an instantaneous buffer zone of 35% before a single cent of your capital is at risk.

Again, there's no such thing as a risk free investment, but I'm proud to report that Sound Equity has never had an investor lose a single penny of their principal with one of our first trust deeds. I'm not saying it can't happen, but with a minimum of 25% down payment from our thoroughly vetted approved borrowers, LTVs always below 65% and our team's outstanding due diligence, it hasn't happened yet and we'll work hard every day to see that it never does.

Our Borrowers are Vetted and Heavily Invested

In any real estate transaction, the property is only one part of the equation. An inexperienced or irresponsible real estate investor could take even the best property, with lots of equity, and lose money.

To help avoid those kinds of unpleasant situations, we vet our borrowers with the same dedication and precision we use when valuing properties.

Plus, we require our borrowers to invest 25% of their own money on each and every property they finance with us. With that much skin in the game, you can be sure the investor will do everything within their power to see the opportunity through to fruition.

You don't have to worry about a borrower with nothing to lose getting frustrated and walking away from the whole thing, leaving you in the lurch.

Safe, Reliable and Consistent 8+% Returns

By relentlessly adhering to these three principles, accurate property evaluations, a maximum 65% loan to value ratio, and highly invested and vetted borrowers, Sound Equity first trust deeds can deliver the one thing most investments can't... consistent and reliable returns far exceeding the returns available from CD's, T-Bills or Bonds without the volotility of mutual funds, stocks, commodities and precious metals.

If you'd like to perform your own due diligence on our promise of consistent 8+% returns on your investment, give us a call at (888) 490-4450 or Contact Us via the contact form.

And until we hear from you… I wish you the very best of success!

All the best,

Gary Elwood, CMO
Sound Equity Inc.

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