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Dear Fellow Real Estate Investor,

If I could show you how to net 5, 10 even $15,000 or more per property and then help you turn that property, either sell it or rent it, 30-50% faster, would that be of interest to you?

See, at Sound Equity we're far more than just a source of funding your investments… we're more of a strategic partner. When we fund your investments we're partnering in your success on that property.

That's why we're so focused on helping you find the best investment properties in your market… those with the most potential equity in them. In fact, we've developed acquisition channels through short sales, REO and foreclosure auctions to bring you some of the best investment opportunities anywhere.

Plus, if you're using our proprietary systems, we'll become a very important part of your diligence process by providing title information and extremely accurate property valuations. In the last three years, from the point of our valuation to the time our investor clients turned the property at retail… our team's valuations have been 99.85% accurate.

Now I know that sounds hard to believe, but we'll actually show you all the transactions if you like. It's true. We've become extremely good at valuing properties in a fluid environment… and our investor clients benefit tremendously from our due diligence. In fact, if your investment doesn't pass our due diligence… you should probably walk away from that deal.

So what's this mean to you as an investor?

First: We'll give you access to our proprietory Foreclosure Target Tracker (FTT) software that predicts with 83.7% accuracy which properties will be bought at auction each day and show you exactly how to find some of the most valuable investment opportunities in your market… properties you can buy low and sell high… good, high-return investment opportunities.

Second: We'll become a very important part of your diligence process by providing in depth title searches and highly-accurate valuations.

Third: We'll provide you the fastest, most reliable funding for that investment that you'll find anywhere in this business. We can actually have you approved in a matter of hours and have your funds wired and delivered instantly!

Yet, even with all that put together, our cost of capital is extremely competitive with anyone in the industry… particularly after you understand the extra hidden fees most others charge. At the end of the day… I assure you that your relationship with us will be far more profitable than any other funding source you've ever had. And frankly, if we're not the most valuable partner you've ever found in this business we'll simply part ways… no hard feelings.

So if you'd like to know how we can help you find more good quality properties, net more money per investment, turn your inventory faster and get your investments funded just call any of our office locations, talk to our field staff at the auctions or investor meetings… or simply Submit a Loan Request, Contact Us or Apply here online.

Again, our goal is to help you make more money… and when you do… we all win.

So just click the "Submit a Loan Request" button to the right, pick up the phone and call our office or talk to our field staff and let's take your investment business to a whole new level.

And until we hear from you… I wish you the very best of success!

All the best,

Gary Elwood, CMO
Sound Equity Inc.

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